Athos Logistic thinks from top to top.

Each detail for the import of the most varied products is analyzed, quantified and planned, so that the operation may be carried on with transparency and the best cost benefit ratio for our clients.

In its ideal development, the process involves the steps of products’ classification, checking the need of special licenses, tariff rates and benefits, as well as costs and feasibility study of the operation.

After requesting the load abroad, we contract the international transportation, proceed with the cargo loading and unloading, without forgetting, of course, the monitoring and the customs clearance.

Count on the presence and activities of Athos Logistic to draft and submit special projects to governmental authorities, in case of products with domestic equivalent.

Athos Logistic constantly provides services such as:

Temporary Admission

This regime preferably applies to goods imported on a temporary basis and without foreign exchange control, provided that it is suitable to the purpose they were imported for.

It is worthy to remind that the temporary admission service involves products to be used in accordance with the timeframe for stay, and for the purpose stated in the permit. It is the case of trade shows, exhibitions, congresses and other scientific or technical events.

Advantages: Suspension of payment of import duties, or the proportional payment corresponding to the permanence of the item in the country.

Customs Warehousing

If you need to bring a whole storage of any product to gradually nationalize it, in accordance, for instance, with the volume of sales, this is the suitable option for you. This regime allows the storage in a bonded room of a secondary zone, as well as the partial nationalization depending on the importer's needs.

You can still return part of the load, allow the product’s nationalization by a third party, or even re-export it to another country.

Advantages: Very flexible, offering the possibility of suspension of payment of duties.


This service aims at an incentive to export. For this purpose, it provides exemption of the duties levied on goods that contribute to the processing of a product for export. If you are going to generate incomes for the country, enjoy it!

Advantages: Suspension or exemption of the duties levied on import.